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What is leadership? The term leadership or headhunter website may be familiar enough to all of us. Literally, it means a process to influence others positively so that together, the leader and team members can achieve the goal.

A Leader vs. A Boss

Although it is more about a guide to the team members or subordinates, many people assume that a leader is just the same as a boss. Indeed, both work to lead other people. However, their approaches tend to be different.

A leader is more about someone who leads others to work together. He or she brainstorms with team members, communicates well with them, and asks for their opinions. Meanwhile, a boss tends to command or ask his or her subordinates to do something he has made before.

There is nothing wrong with being a boss. In certain situations, such an approach is needed as well. However, if you also want respect and trust from other people mainly subordinates who are in your position, being a leader is much better than being a boss.

Benefits of Being a Leader

In the leader vs. boss context, there are indeed some benefits to get if you are a leader. Those benefits may not be found if you position yourself as a boss in front of others.

What is the first benefit of the leader position? As has been mentioned above, a leader tends to be respected or even loved by the members or subordinates. Of course, it is because you tend to let them work together with you. You position yourself equal with others although they may be on the lower level.

You should know that everybody loves to be treated that way. It makes them feel respected and they will respect you back. That’s why, in society, a leader is needed much more than a boss.

The next benefit is that a leader tends to have a good and long-term relationships with others. There is nothing eternal in this world. Someone who was previously your subordinate will someday become your leader. Make sure to have a good relationship with your subordinates now and gain a long-term relationship with them.

The last benefit is that there is no distance between the leader and the members or subordinates. Yes, as a leader, others must respect you. But at the same time, they are your friends. Compared with the boss-subordinate relationship, this one is more comfortable for all people involved.

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