The Cost of Hiring an Executive Headhunter

A trusted executive headhunter jakarta is effective enough to find the best candidate and company. It is faster than applying for job applications by yourself. Indeed, a headhunter helps a company to find the best employees immediately. So, how much should you spend to hire a professional headhunter? We will explain both, whether you are a company or a job seeker. 

Hire a Professional Executive Headhunter if You are a Company 

Say you are a company that is looking for the most potential candidates to fill an executive position. You can use a headhunter service while announcing a job vacancy. In this case, you should spend around 15 to 20 percent of the first year’s salary

Check their portfolio and performance, the more expertise the headhunter has, the more expensive the cost. It can be up to 30 percent of the first year’s salary. You can use two common payment standards, which are a retained basis and a contingency basis. 

On a retained basis, you will pay the first 10 percent once the executive headhunter works to identify potential candidates. Transfer the second 10 percent when the headhunter sends the list of candidates. Pay the cost off once the headhunter accomplished their job. On a contingency basis, you don’t need to pay anything until the headhunter recommends the best candidate to you. 

Hire an Executive Headhunter if You are an Employee 

You should understand that executive headhunters are not allowed to charge the employee. Check the information in your country first whether headhunters are permitted to charge employees. Say in the US, jobseekers are allowed to pay a headhunter to find the best job in the best corporate. 

An employee may spend between $500 to $4000 to hire a headhunter. The cost depends on the skill and experience of the headhunter. On the other hand, in the UK, executive headhunters are not allowed to charge job seekers. Jobseekers can only do it once they get the position they want.

The Effectiveness of Hiring Executive Headhunters 

Based on the information above, executive headhunters are designed for companies that are desperate enough to find the most potential employees who fill high-level positions. A headhunter has a connection to people the company wants. 

Due to the effectiveness, hiring an executive headhunter is worth doing. You may spend an amount of money, but it leads you to the most promising employee that helps to increase the profit of the company. On the other hand, job seekers can find more information about reputable executive headhunters and the way to connect with them. As a result, they know that you can also be their potential candidate.        

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